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To become a member its fairly simple, all you have to do is book a membership package and sign a contract. Please read the contract carefully to ensure you understand the terms fully. The contract is available to view on the parents page via the website. 


You are not required to pay a membership fee for joining the dance school. However it does require you to book your classes in advanced. Members have the privilege to enter competitions and take part in all shows and performances with Jamie-Lee Dance Company however stated in the contract it does mean that all absences have to be paid for unless booked of as holiday. 

The reason for this is to ensure we have students who turn up to classes every week and are therefore present to learn all of the routines ready for shows and competitions. 

You can choose to continue or change to Pay as you go however unfortunately because this means you can attend classes as and when you won't pick up routines or no them as well as other who are there every week. 


Membership contracts can be cancelled or changed at any time, all details about this are in the contract form. 

Below are a list of the Membership packages available. 

Standard Package - 1 session per week £5.00 

Bronze Package - 2 sessions per week on the same day £8.00

(excludes performing arts)

Silver Package - 4 sessions per week £15.00

(excludes performing arts)

Gold Package - 6 sessions per week £25.00 

Platinum Package - All classes £35.00 

All membership packages are available to view here: 

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