holiday Club 

24th - 26th AUGUST 10:00-2:00

Our Holiday Clubs are always packed full of fun!

Children get to enjoy three days of adventure, team building activities, games and take part in a dance performance at the end of day three.

  • For the first time ever it’s completely outdoors, with having run holidays clubs in the past we know from what the kids say,  the outdoor part is the best! 

  • They can come for a day, or all three its totally up to you.

  • A programme of activities that are a mixture of team building, adventure games, outdoor sports, dancing , nature challenges and MORE!

  • The Club’s activities, timetable, staffing and supervision are especially designed to promote sociability, confidence and manage their energy levels and welfare.

  • Drop off: 10-10:30am. Activities start at 10:30am

  • Pick up: 1:30 - 2pm. Activities finish at 1:30pm

There is limit of 27 kids per day, with a ratio of at least 1 group leader per 10, due to the Covid-19 we can not allow any more, government guildlines are that only a gathering 30 people are allowed. So its first come first serve. 

Who is it for?

  • Children that are sociable, like to run around and don’t mind getting wet, muddy or falling down.

  • Boys and girls – some weeks there are more girls than boys, sometimes it’s the other way around. We work hard to make it inclusive and encouraging for both.


This is just some of the activities your children can look forward to.  

Icebreakers, Sack race, Dancing, Capture the flag
Teamwork challenges, Photography, Adventure hunt, 
Rounders, Pebble painting, Outdoor bowling performance and MORE!

Parents can arrive for the dance show at 1:45pm on Wednesday 26th ready  for the performance to start at 2:00pm. 

VENUE: Baxter College, Habberley Road DY11 5PQ. 


Book before 16th August 

1 DAY - £10.00

3 DAYS - £20.00

Book after the 16th August 

1 DAY - £15.00

3 DAYS - £35.00

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