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Enfinity Cheerleading is an all-star cheerleading club that fields teams of all ages and abilities. We promote excellence by challenging athletes to strive for their goals and reach their full potential while teaching them the value of friendship, commitment, and team work. Enfinity Cheer nurtures physical, emotional and mental growth by promoting a family atmosphere where we embrace diversity and value each athlete and their family equally. View our program handbook for a more detailed view on our programs and policies. 

Prep teams will train on a Tuesday, All star teams will train on a Friday. There are limited spaces on all of our cheer programs once full a waiting list will become available in which athletes will need to wait for a spot. 


Cheer Practice

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Programs at a Glance



  • The all-star cheer season runs from September – July each year, August is skills months to prepare them for tryouts.

  • Team tryouts are in August with 'Late Tryouts in December'. Athletes have to tryout every year. 

  • Practices are once a week but sometimes require extra practices.

  • Teams attend 4-6 competitions a year plus showcases, some competitions require travel

  • Athletes purchase practice gear and a competition uniform.


  • The prep season runs September through July  each year.

  • Teams for ages 5-17 

  • Team selections are in September. The difference between team placements and tryouts are that that tryouts kind of work like an audition, athletes may not make the all star team however all athletes have a spot on the prep team we just do team placements to decide what team best suits their ability.

  • Practices are once a week.

  • Teams attend 2-4 local competitions.

  • Athletes purchase practice gear and a competition uniform.

'Check Out Cheer'


  • Check out cheer is for athletes who do not want to be on a competitive team and does not require any commitment.